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I'll be adding character chibis and descriptions here and the descriptions will be edited as we progress through the story so as not to spoil anything ^^~

Shimura Koji
¤The main character.
¤Raised in japan, he's completely ignorant of his homeland and the burden he's about to have dumped on him.
¤He's temperamental, knowledge hungry, and just a little out of his element.

Daikin Cenn
¤Secondary main character.
¤Barely seventeen.
¤Raised in this world. So far, he's the only person in this world that Koji doesn't hate.

Katienshi "Shiba" Agar
¤Secondary main character.
¤It seems like he recognized Koji...

Kaolis Degran
¤Secondary main character.
¤Related to Talin- twins.
¤Wears her shirt as far open as she feels comfortable in protest of the limitaions on uniforms. Namely, they don't come in her size.

Talin Degran
¤Secondary main character.
¤Related to Kaolis- twins.
¤Wears his tie like his sister because he idolizes her.
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